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Con-Treat’s Technical Advice Delivers Right Equipment Decision for Queensland Regional Flooring.

Queensland based, specialised flooring company, Queensland Regional Flooring is a supplier of flooring products and installation services which includes:

  • Awnings
  • Laminate & Hybrid Floating Floors
  • Concrete Honing & Polishing
  • Vision Wallcoverings & Maintenance Products

Queensland Regional Flooring assists their customers to select the right products for their Home, Office, Commercial or Industrial Situations.

Additionally, QRF provides detailed maintenance knowledge to ensure their customers receive the most from their investment.

Managing Director, Michael Dorrough, approached leading concrete technical advisors, Con-Treat for advice on purchasing an effective, well-built & well-priced dust extractor for use with their hand grinders & their Shark 460mm Concrete Grinder.

The dust extractor had to keep up with the Queensland Regional Flooring project demands and was urgently required.

Con-Treat technical expert and Managing Director, Andrew McLeay, firstly looked to understand QRF’s brief… which was to recommend an effective, well built & well-priced dust extractor for use with their hand grinders & their Shark 460mm Concrete Grinder.

“Big thanks to the team at Con-Treat, not only was the customer service and professional advice very helpful, but the Shark H24’s performance has exceeded my expectations. The vacuum features exceptional suction and can keep up with my high work demand.” – Managing Director, Michael Dorrough

Following the briefing, it became clear that the Shark H24 Dust Extractor was the most suitable for what Queensland Regional Flooring required.

The Shark H24 is a powerful industrial-grade vacuum suitable for fine dust. It can handle building, grinding, plaster and concrete dust. The extractor is equipped with a fine filter (washable) and 2 x H13 filters which meets the asbestos requirements. Additionally, an hour counter and suction meter for filter control are supplied as standard. For information and specs read more here.

Based on the technical advice offered by Con-Treat, Queensland Regional Flooring purchased the Shark H24 Vacuum/Dust Extractor, not only to support the requirements of the hand grinders and planetary grinder but also to rectify the issues experienced with his previous 2 dust extractors.

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