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Epoxy vs Polyaspartic, The Pro’s and Con’s.

Con-Treat is dedicated to simplifying the wide variety of coating systems available within our concrete flooring community. The range of products on the market and their uses can be confusing at times – some systems have been known to be over complicated and even intimidating. Let us ease your concerns; we’ve done the hard work and listed the most common points of interest in relation to Epoxy and Polyaspartic Coatings.

We hope you find this information useful and can assist you in determining which product is the best choice for your next project!

Epoxy Advantages

• High solids (93%) which allows for ease of application, no thinning required for a flawless roll-out coat.
• Multi-purpose can be used as a plain roll-out epoxy floor or as the SureFlake epoxy base coat for flake.
• Uncomplicated/comfortable working times, weather and environmental dependant: 30 – 40 mins.
• Con-Treat’s SureFloor HS colours are blended during the batching process, for even colour distribution – no tint packs required.
• Seam free does not promote bacterial growth and can be readily cleaned.
• Provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.
• You can add non-slip additives to the final coat for further slip resistance.
• Recommended for interior use in the hospitality, health care, oil, chemical, automotive, marine, fertiliser manufacturing and warehousing industries.
• Suitable for all types of vehicular traffic: forklifts, trucks, trailers etc.

Epoxy Disadvantages

• Not suitable for exterior use or high joint movement areas; epoxy is a ‘hard set’ product and will crack with natural concrete movement.
• Non-UV stable, areas of high UV exposure will require 2 x top coats of Fortis 519 Polyurethane for UV protection.
• Return to service (full cure) is approximately 7-10 days (at 25˚), although it is foot trafficable after 24 hours.

Polyaspartic Advantages

• 100% solids, the most durable coating on the market.
• Thanks to the high solids content, Polyaspartic is the only product that is formulated as the base/top coat for the Seamless Quartz System. Can also be used as a full Seamless Flake System.
• Rapid cure, next day return to service (1-day full installation). 10-15 mins working time, weather/environmental dependant. Re-coat 1-2 hours, light foot traffic 3-5 hours.
• Suitable for exterior applications – driveways, pathways, aircraft hangars, etc. This is a ‘flexible’ coating that elongates with surface joints.
• Ability to add non-slip additives to the final coat for further slip resistance.
• True aliphatic, colour and UV stable, unlike Epoxies. The UV blockers in the Polyaspartic will also assist in preventing non-uv stable products underneath from yellowing.
• Australian Standard colours are blended during the batching process, for even colour distribution – no tint packs required.
• Low odour, low VOC, with high chemical and abrasion resistance and excellent gloss retention.

Recommended applications include:
– laboratories
– factory/warehouse floors
– aircraft hangars
– commercial kitchen and bars
– driveways/pathways, walkways
– decking and patios
– hospitality and health facilities
– showrooms, lobbies/entrances

Polyaspartic Disadvantage

• Only 10-15 mins working time (once Part B hardener is added to Part A).
• Due to the rapid cure of Polyaspartic, the installation can be labour intensive. More applicators may be needed on-site, to ensure mixing ratios are perfected and the application of the product is installed promptly.
• Polyaspartic kits are more expensive than epoxy.

“The Bridge Grey Polyaspartic went off like a bomb but this allowed us to re-open our store the following day! A flawless system that ensures a prompt return to service.”

We hope this information assists in your decision-making process for your next project. Whichever product you decide to invest in, whether it is for a home garage or commercial warehouse, you can rest assured that both Con-Treat’s Epoxy and Polyaspartic Systems are engineered for industrial applications.

• High Structural Strength
• Excellent Adhesion
• Unrivaled Results

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