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Densi Crete Solves Floor Moisture Issues for National Retailer

The Project & Challenge: BCF

Client: Dynacoat Painters

Damp is the archenemy of concrete!

When you first enter a space that has damp flooring, it is often the odour you smell almost immediately. Additionally, floor coverings and adhesives being installed today are no longer based on petroleum products and can tend to raise or uplift, causing safety and aesthetic issues. Not to mention the health problems related to mould and mildew.

The above reasons are why architects, building contractors, and waterproofers turn to the DuraCore brand for an easy and effective solution, that is also kind to the environment.

DuraCore Concrete Protection Systems use the latest technology to provide:

  • A complete range of concrete protection products for concrete repair, moisture proofing, surface protection, and sealing.
  • Effective, innovative and technically advanced systems, that are simple to apply.
  • A range of products that are 100% environmentally friendly.

A proud advocate of the DuraCore brand is an Australian family-owned business that has been operating on Queensland’s Gold Coast since 1996: Dynacoat Painters ( This well-known company prides itself on professionalism, reliability and attention to detail – so they are naturally drawn to products that get the job done on time and on budget.

Dynacoat Painters have been collaborating with the team at DuraCore since 2012, as it is essential Dynacoat can confidently ensure there are no damp issues on their projects – even more so for their large retail clients such as Super Cheap Auto and BCF in both Australia and New Zealand.

Dynacoat Painter’s most recent success story:

A site inspection for a BCF store at Taren Point revealed that the 1100m2 concrete slab had moisture issues. Upon removal of the existing floor coverings, an Australian Standards’ Moisture Test was completed and the evidence was clear – the concrete floor had appalling moisture concerns.

Prior to installing new impervious floor coverings throughout the 1100m2 BCF store, the concrete floor needed to adhere to the Australian Standards guideline for moisture content. Dynacoat Painters were instructed to abide by the architect’s requested strict time schedule, therefore the store couldn’t remain closed for too long – there was certainly no time for the concrete to dry out naturally.

In order to bring the concrete’s excess moisture to within the Australian Standard guidelines, the experts at DuraCore proposed the installation of Densi Crete. Made of 100% pure colloidal silica, for the protection of new or old concrete, Densi Crete provides exceptional concrete waterproofing and has zero VOC. This innovative product is used extensively in the polished concrete industry and was formulated to cure, waterproof, densify, purge oil, and seal concrete from any contamination.

To begin, the team at Dynacoat proceeded to diamond grind the floor of the BCF store in order to remove any previous contamination and adhesives. Once this was complete, one spray coat of Densi Crete was applied to deeply penetrate into the matrix of the concrete which will allow withstanding a minimum of 35mtr of hydro-static pressure. Following the Densi Crete spray application, the concrete floor was left for 24 hours to allow for the gel formation process and excess moisture to be purged from the concrete. After great success with Densi Crete’s performance, the team at Dynacoat Painters united for a second light diamond grind, in preparation for the installation of the SureFloor Epoxy flooring.

For the purposes of the Taren Point BCF store, Densi Crete provided permanent waterproofing of the concrete floor. In addition, the product purged all odour and contamination and from the old, worn-out concrete slab, whilst immediately halting contaminant ingress. The real success was that there was minimal site disruption – after just 1 hour, trades could return to the floor and continue work while the Densi Crete completed its process.

Densi Crete is the ultimate solution for flooring in retail environments, factories, corporate buildings, and private residences. It significantly reduces the permeability of the concrete, which in turn, produces an effective internal permanent colloidal silicate barrier. Densi Crete is non-toxic, zero VOC, non-flammable and environmentally safe, and whilst dust has an adverse effect on people, machinery and merchandise, Densi Crete eliminates these on new or old concrete.

As illustrated in the diagrams below, an untreated surface allows the penetration of salts, effluents and gases and is also prone to dusting and moisture; whereas a surface treated with Densi Crete provides a solution to these areas.


Micro or surface cracking, resulting from rapid surface drying or plastic shrinkage, will not affect the performance of Densi Crete. Please note however that Densi Crete is not a major crack repair system, nor does it claim to be – structural cracking should be referred to an engineer for a crack repair procedure.

Project Results:

Brendan Sievers, Director of Dynacoat Painters, has been using Densi Crete for the past 8 years and was once again delighted with the outcome. According to Brendan, DuraCore’sDensi Crete “worked perfectly again on this project; removing the moisture and allowing the project to get back on schedule with minimal delay and site disruption”.

For more information on the Densi Crete product visit the Duracore website ( or contact us and speak to our friendly technical experts on 1300 044 625

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