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Why Choose Epoxy Coatings For Concrete Floors?

Epoxy Floor Coating makes for a fantastic protective floor finish. They are made from a two pack epoxy resin that sets into a hard, smooth finish that is resistant to chemicals, solvents and staining. Epoxy paint is ideal for garage floors and other high traffic areas due to the appealing aesthetics and durability of it as a decorative epoxy floor application perfect for concrete flooring.

Con-Treat are the Australian supplier of the SureFloor range of Epoxy Floor Coatings. Our complete range of epoxy floor paint is high quality, commercial grade, have a range of colours and designed for use in all aspects of epoxy flooring coatings. The SureFloor HS Epoxy is ideal as a straight roll coat or as a base coat for the SureFlake SystemSureFloor UVS Clear is perfect for use with Metallic Epoxy Floors or as a clear attractive high gloss finish top coat. All products in our range are designed to be used as a system in conjunction with SurePrime and the SurePaste repair medium. Give one of our representatives a call about our full range of epoxies or we can provide a quote via email.

3 Reasons To Choose Epoxy Coatings

Your floors are one of the most important yet most neglected aspects of your space, whether it's residential (in the house and your garage), commercial or industrial in nature. The flooring you choose for your space and how you treat it depends greatly on what kind of activity is going to take place there – for example, an industrial warehouse will need sturdier and less slippery floors than a residential garage or workshop.

You also want your floors to look good and fit in with the overall aesthetic of your space. With that said, you need a flooring treatment solution that gives you a surface that both looks good and functions perfectly for whatever activity you need it for. One of the most popular floor coatings available today is epoxy flooring (and not just for garage floors). This is a type of surfacing application that provides you with a long list of amazing benefits and the below points are proof as to why more and more people are making the switch to epoxy floor coatings.

While you may have always thought that these kinds of floor treatments were only necessary in industrial or busy commercial spaces – they are also effective in residential settings like your garage, workshop or even in the house! If you have a large garage where you move a lot of equipment in and out, seamless epoxy flake flooring could be a worthwhile investment for you. Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique benefits of using epoxy floor coatings.

    1. No-fuss maintenance

      One of the most popular features of epoxy flooring is its resistance to staining, with liquids and other substances easy to clean up with water. You don’t need to worry about causing any ugly stains if you or someone else accidentally spills something. Also, the careful and precise way that epoxy coatings are installed in your space means that its fully coated and will protect from any bacteria or mould festering in the tiny corners of the floor. This helps keep the space as clean & hygienic as possible so that there’s no risk of illness for you and anyone else who uses the space.

    2. High durability

      Another popular and highly important aspect of epoxy flooring is its durability against the wear and tear caused by high-levels of activity. This type of flooring solution will ensure that what’s under your feet is stronger and lasts much longer than it would without the treatment. An epoxy coating is the perfect treatment for any cementitious application that’s going to endure a high amount of traffic, especially if said traffic involves heavy machinery, materials and even chemicals. With this range of protective coating, the surface won’t crack or chip as easy when put under high levels of routine stress. This means you can work as hard and fast as you like without worrying about causing damage to your flooring. An epoxy coating gives you the best insurance against wear and tear for your floor.

    3. It’s cost-effective

      Because of the low level of maintenance required by epoxy flooring, you will save money in the long-term. Unlike a vinyl or hardwood surface, epoxy is far more economical since you won’t have to invest as heavily in cleaning products or in 3rd party services for a professional clean (depending on the size of your space).

If you want to learn more about our range of products and services or how epoxy coatings can be used in your space, contact us by email or call us on 1300 044 625.

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