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Showing all 4 results

A flooring solution for every garage

A high-quality garage floor coating can bring resistance and high performance for many years, surviving spills, chemicals and stains, with the surface remaining stable and slip-free. Your garage floor will encounter many hard knocks and potentially damaging spills over time, from car oil to dropped tools and heavy traffic from cars. Your garage floor protection must have strength, fire resistance and full coverage while being easy to clean and maintain, which is why our range of epoxy garage floor coatings is the best solution for your garage.

Our products have been selected to bring the best quality, low maintenance and cost-effective solutions to your garage floors. Epoxy floors are formulated to be long-lasting and offer the greatest defence against heavy and intensive traffic, suiting every need of the floors in your garage.

Epoxy products have a range of uses and benefits to suit many different types of floors and surfaces. Epoxy floors have a bright and sophisticated appearance and will blend well with your house or business space and their smooth surface is easy to sweep and mop, without small grooves for liquids and dirt to wedge into. Epoxy has a natural ability to fight stickiness or grime build-up and is resistant to spills, not soaking up or adhering to anything that may land on the floor. With very low maintenance required, Epoxy products suit any space or lifestyle. To maintain the floor to a high standard, all it takes is a simple vacuum or sweep up of debris, wiping away spills as they occur, and mopping when a deep clean is necessary. A regular hose and scrub with a squeegee will be a sufficient cleaning routine to keep your Epoxy floors sparkling.

Epoxy floors are one of the toughest and most stylish solutions for garage floors, guaranteed to stand the test of time

Epoxy comes in many different subtypes that are easily accessible and available which is ideal if repairs are needed or if any issues arise with the installation. If something goes wrong during the process of installation, your floors may need to be sanded back and covered in a new solution, and it is easy to underestimate how much of the product will be required. Our fast shipping Australia-wide will cover you should you miscalculate or require a patch up using more products.

Epoxy is a mixture of resins and hardeners that combined formulate a coating that brings life, durability and colour to the floor of your garage, patio, sunroom, basement or balcony.

Our garage floor coating product line

Epoxy Flakes

This classic epoxy floor coating is one of our most popular and versatile products and is perfectly suited to layer your garage floor in strength and durability. This decorative epoxy coating system is perfect for most commercial and domestic uses and comprises an epoxy primer, an epoxy base coat, coloured polymer flake chips and two topcoats of polyurethane to give a smooth and glossy finish. This system results in a perfectly bonded and durable garage floor coating and will resist stains, oils and solvents, plus scratches, cracks and damage with no maintenance required to retain the film thickness or finish.

SureFloor HS Epoxy

Our SureFloor HS Epoxy is designed for floors that experience high impact and intense demand. This epoxy coating has a high resistance to chemical spills and fumes and adheres seamlessly to most floor types with strong floor defence and high-quality shiny results. SureFloor is ideal for garage floors with exceptional protection against vehicular traffic, strong adhesions to floors and anti-slip finishes. Dropped tools and heavy cars are no issue with a SureFloor HS Epoxy covering, remaining strong and lessening impact for years to come.

SureFloor PU

SureFloor PU is a polyurethane coating system with a smooth and glossy finish that is scuff and scratch-resistant. SureFloor PU has a high adhesion quality and will look great in your house or garage with its smooth and shiny finish. SureFloor PU is best applied as a top coat to our epoxy flake system and will resist weathering or damage and retain a shiny exterior after just one coat. With low maintenance and high strength, SureFloor PU coating systems are an excellent solution to team with our epoxy products and are available in a wide colour pallet to suit many interior and exterior styles.

Water-Based Epoxy

Our water-based epoxy coating is an excellent environmental choice to coat your concrete floor and is made with earth-friendly ingredients. This floor coating has been designed to coat the floors on the inside of your home on concrete floors and walls. Water-based epoxy brings colour to the floor and can be completely customisable with the choice of pre-mixed colouring or water-based tinting. Water-Based Epoxy can be added to our epoxy flake flooring and mixed with sand to create anti-slip floor coatings.

For top-quality floor coatings and Epoxy floor products - look no further than Con-Treat, with a range of the best coating systems and Epoxy coating products in Australia.

Perfect for commercial use as well as within the home or garage floor, Epoxy is resistant to germs plus heat and water and is anti-fatigue, which will ensure your garage floor remains safe and effective. Lasting for decades without cracking or peeling, Epoxy is the one size fits most solution for any high traffic site and will coat your garage floor in protection and stability even before the curing process is completed.

One step closer to stylish and protected floors

Epoxy floors are easy to achieve and can be completed by most DIY-ers, depending on the settings of the Epoxy solution, the category of Epoxy and the user's experience with paint-like products. Coating the garage in Epoxy is well worth it for the longevity and strength that comes with Epoxy floors, and can add to the quality and value of your property. When properly applied, Epoxy products can last as long as 20 years. The diversity of colour choices in our products have been chosen to suit most interior or exterior styles and to help your floor to blend seamlessly with the rest of your details. Epoxy products are strong enough to withstand any type of weight, tyre skid or dropped object, and will remain smooth to the touch and of high strength.

If you'd prefer a professional to complete your concrete coatings, the services of a building company will quote up to $13 per square foot, resulting in up to $5000 for a two-car garage. Otherwise, if you run into any issues with laying your Epoxy, message us with photos of your progress and we can offer information around products and processes to continue the job.

Before applying Epoxy the area must be completely prepared and clean and depending on the category of the product may take multiple applications to achieve full results. When hiring a team to work on your epoxy or when purchasing it to apply yourself it's important to ensure there is enough product planned for more than just one layer. Additionally, it is important to consider the type of activity to be performed on the floor from your home or company and whether you will require anti-skid additives to bring more traction to the area.

You name the garage flooring problem, we will have a solution, with our range of strong and stylish products.

We can supply the perfect products to cover your garage and the right type of coverings for your area plus all the application accessories and advice you will need. To talk to one of our friendly team members about our products and to find the perfect one for your garage floor, contact us on our website or email us at [email protected].