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Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Instant Floor is a 100% solids, two component, rapid curing, polyaspartic floor coating system. A UV stable coating that is durable and decorative for all residential, commercial and industrial flooring. It is the ultimate protection for garages, decks, walkways, commercial kitchens and more. An aliphatic polyaspartic that is colour stable, allowing it to take UV exposure without the colour shift seen with other coating systems such as epoxy.

Instant Floor Polyaspartic is a 1:1 mix ratio system that allows sufficient pot life to be rolled, brushed or sprayed with Con-Treats application equipment. It can be used in conjunction with either decorative flake chips, with quartz granules or on it’s own in a variety of colours with any desired slip resistance. Con-Treat’s Instant Floor creates a durable, seamless polyaspartic floor coating which conforms to any shape and size.

Our client required the concrete area around the pool, footpaths and steps to resemble the beach, with a finish that is extremely durable and hard-wearing to survive the tropical climate of Hamilton Island. We were able to achieve the look our client was after by using Instant Floor Polyaspartic and also provide a finish that is slip resistant, waterproof and easy to clean.” Shaun Thompson

Features:Australian Made

  • Available in = 8ltr & 20ltr kits
  • VOC = Extremely low <1%
  • Install Time = One day
  • Return to service = Next day
  • High build thickness in 1 application = Yes
  • Odour = Extremely low
  • 100% solid content = Yes
  • Application temperature = As low as 0C
  • Elongation, expands with surface / joint = Yes
  • Colour stability = UV stable
  • Gloss retention = Very good
  • Chemical resistance = Excellent
ClearWhiteN35 Light GreyN44 Bridge Grey

Is Instant Floor UV stable?

Yes, Instant Floor is a true aliphatic that will not yellow.

Does Instant Floor contain UV blockers?

Yes, Instant Floor is the only Polyaspartic Coating on the market that contains UV blockers to help prevent non uv stable products underneath from yellowing.

Can Instant Floor be thinned?

Yes, Xylene can be added at 5%-10%, however it will decrease the working time slightly..

Can more than one coat be applied in a day?

Yes, Instant Floor can be re-coated within 1-12 hours.

Do you need to sand in-between coats?

If a subsequent coat is applied within 8 hours of the initial coat then no sanding is required.

If I miss the maximum 8 hour re-coat window, what is the process for re-coating?

Allow to dry for 12-18 hours, sand using a 180 grit sand paper, clean and re-coat. Re-coating of polyaspartic is not advisable after 7-10 days (full cure) of the initial installation, however If you must re-coat after 7 days, sand with 80 grit sand paper and wipe the floor with acetone prior to re-coating.

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