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Showing all 6 results

For a timeless look and the ultimate in durability and quality

Polished concrete is a popular modern solution to add a polished and upscale look to the existing exposed concrete. The process is multi-faceted, where the concrete floor is ground and polished mechanically to achieve refinement and add the look and finish of shiny and high gloss concrete. A hardener is included in the method to help harden the flooring and to create a dust-proof surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Concrete polishing adds the versatility of colour with many dye options available to include in the polishing process, along with the choice of creating lines, patterns or designs.

The benefits of polished concrete floors

  • Polished concrete floors are an earth-friendly and cost effective floor option as the process doesn't require any new materials and very few chemicals.
  • Cleaning is made easy with clean water and a natural pH cleaner.
  • The maintenance costs required on polished concrete flooring are incredibly low, with a simple to clean surface and dust-free tendencies.
  • A polished concrete finish can improve the look and feel of your home or businesses by the effect of the highly reflective surface on natural lighting.
  • Polished concrete flooring is hard wearing and will not crack or dent, with correctly hardened and polished concrete lasting for up to 100 years.
We have a range of gloss finishes, lubricants and fillers available to suit different levels of aggregate exposure and polished concrete designs in interior and exterior areas.

CFQ Diamond Lubricant

CFQ Diamond Lubricant can increase the life of your blade significantly and result in smoother cutting and reduced use of fuel and electricity. An excellent lubricant is essential to aid in cutting, polishing and grinding and will increase your cutting speed and efficiency.

Densi Crete

Densi Crete is specifically designed for waterproofing and protecting your polished concrete. This product is a concrete hardener and is used often on polished concrete to cure concrete floors and to make the finishes of the floor waterproof and oil-free. Densi Crete will increase the hardness of the concrete finishes, increase traction and add a high gloss, dust resistant finish that can block abrasions and damage.

Fortis Concrete Denisfier

Fortis Concrete Densifier hardens concrete, repels dust and brings a semi gloss finish, ideal for polishing concrete on factory floors, showroom floors and warehouses.

Fortis Concrete Grout

This product is specifically designed to repair holes and cracks on polished concrete floors and is an important part of polished concrete finishes. During the installation process of polished concrete floors, air bubbles and pinholes are common and a top-quality concrete grout will cover any issues that may arise.

Fortis Enhancer Sealer

This sealer enhances and seals the surface of the concrete floors without altering the colour of the polished concrete. Suitable for interior and exterior use, this sealer is a must-have for achieving high gloss and durable concrete floor finishes. This sealer brings a brilliant finish to the polished concrete floor and is used in a range of different business premises and in the home.

Fortis Enhancer Sealer - Wet Look

This sealer is highly effective and produces a wet look polished concrete floor. Fortis Enhancer brings high protection against stains and damage and works quickly to enrich and darken the surface. A common addition to homes or businesses, this enhancer is an excellent option to bring professionalism and style to your polished concrete slab.

Polished concrete is an excellent choice for sustainability, style and a resistance to mould, dust, bacteria or moisture - and offers flooring options safe for those with allergies. Bacteria can thrive in carpet, tiles and timber floor, and by applying polished concrete to your floor slabs or concrete tiles, you will be protecting your family, friends, clients or colleagues from potential exposure. Polished concrete brings an easy style to the home, with the options to add the colours of your liking and decorate the space with the rugs and furniture that you enjoy.

Concrete polished to perfection is an affordable and achievable option for your floors and is growing in popularity. With easy installation, low maintenance requirements and a high level of durability and protection, our products and services can help you to polish your concrete slabs or exposed aggregate to bring the finish to your floor that your house, clients, showroom or professional space require.

Our range of products are some of the best in the industry and have been hand-selected to suit more colours and styles than ever before. We can create high-level finishes on your polished concrete floors and help you to experience all the benefits that come with this superior flooring choice.

For more information about our products or to get started on polishing your concrete, contact us with the name of the products or services you require, and our expert team of people can help you to get more from your polished concrete.