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Densi Crete

Densi Crete is 100% pure Colloidal Silica specifically designed for waterproofing, protecting and polishing concrete. It can be used in both the domestic and commercial building sectors to; cure, waterproof, harden and purge oil etc from new or existing concrete while being environmentally friendly with zero VOC.

As a concrete hardener, Densi Crete is used extensively in the polished concrete industry as a superior densifier. It is a Reactive Colloidal Silica that will also bond to its self, a property not found in any other silicate densifier’s. It allows Colloidal Silica to build up more density in the surface; making it less permeable to liquids, increases the surface hardness and making it withstand abrasion while allowing for a better polishing surface.

Testimonial -“Since using Densi Crete, I’ve never had a failure or moisture related issue. I use it on every installation as a moisture barrier or as an additional safeguard under all coatings and membranes.” Paul Cain

Densi Crete is a one coat application that deeply penetrates into the matrix of the concrete (up to 100 mm and beyond) providing permanent waterproofing and protection for the treated concrete. Applied to either the positive or negative side of concrete structures and can withstand a minimum of 35mtr of hydro-static pressure. Treated areas can be worked over within 1 hour of installation without compromise to the product thus allowing minimal site disruption.

Advantages:Australian Made

  • Permanently waterproofs new or old concrete concrete
  • Purges contamination and odours from old concrete
  • Industries best cure & seal for newly placed concrete
  • An effective and immediate halt to contaminant ingress from any direction
  • Significantly increases concrete’s density
  • Increases and reinforces concrete’s compression and flexural strengths
  • Immediately significantly diminishes permeability of concrete
  • Eliminates the potential for dusting on new or old concrete
  • Provides additional surface abrasion resistance
  • Increases surface bond quality without detriment to surface traction

*Some basic facts about colloidal silica.

Will Densi Crete stop the surface of the concrete from staining?

No, Densi Crete is an internal waterproofing agent that does not leave any surface residue; therefore it does not offer any resistance to surface staining.

Does the concrete need to be a certain age before applying Densi Crete?

No, Densi Crete can be applied to concrete of any age.

Can Densi Crete be roll applied?

No, Densi Crete must be applied using a airless sprayer, unless used at time of pour. If applied at time of pour then Densi Crete may be applied in any manner

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