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Fortis Enhancer Sealer – Natural

Fortis Enhancer Sealer has been developed for the polished concrete industry to enhance and seal the stone and surface of the final polished concrete floor without darkening the concrete. The non-flammable, solvent based system is suitable for interior and exterior use. It is used in warehouses, restaurants, retail shops and car parks.

Technical & Safety Data Sheets:

How soon can Concrete Shield Enhancer be applied to fresh concrete?

The concrete must be at least 14 days old before applying.

What is the best method of application?

Concrete Shield Enhancer is best applied by spraying light coats and backwiping with a micro fibre mop. Spray a light coat, backwipe and wait approx 20mins. Touch up any drier areas in the same manner. Once a uniform colour is achieved, wait a further 20mins and buff the surface using a red buffing pad to remove excess product.

Can Concrete Shield Enhancer be thinned down?

Yes, with no more than 20% xylene.

Can Concrete Shield Enhancer be used on highly polished concrete?

Yes. When applied to polished concrete any excess will need to be buffed with a slow speed polivac or similar using a red pad after 20mins. It can then be further buffed with a finer pad on a high speed burnisher after a further 12-24 hours.

Can Concrete Shield Enhancer be used on polished concrete benchtops?

Yes, however Australian standards require food grade benchtops to be sealed with a topical sealer.

Is Concrete Shield Enhancer resistant to ethanol or methanol?


Can Wet Look Enhancer be used over Natural Enhancer?

Yes, however it must be applied before the Natural Enhancer fully cures, normally within 20 hours. Always test 1st with a little Natural Enhancer to see if it penetrates. If it does then ok, if not then it has cured and will not allow the Wet Look Enhancer to penetrate. Add up to 20% xylene to the Wet Look to help with penetration.

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