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The importance of having a dust extractor on-site.

Dust Extractors are an important piece of equipment for any project that creates excess dust or powder, especially concrete dust from concrete grinding or polishing. New laws now require the use of H class certified Dust Extraction equipment when grinding or cutting concrete. These machines are especially useful in both residential and commercial situations or when concrete grinding tools are being used. (Click here for our M Class Dust Extractors)

How commercial grade extraction systems work.

A Concrete Dust Extractor can quickly and easily improve the quality of the air by collecting any impurities. All of the Shark range of extractors are Hepa class. They have been designed to suit the Shark range of Concrete Grinders or any other grinder on the market. Hepa H13 Filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filters), are included in the full range of Shark Dust Extractors. The full Shark range has a two stage filtration system including a main conical and HEPA 13 filter. The HEPA 13 filter meets the strict standard (EN1822:2209) level of H13 and complies with the new Australian laws for concrete dust removal. The H13 is designed to separate up to 0.30 μm dust particles with an efficiency > 99.97%. This ensures a high standard of quality and safety. In addition, each filter in the Shark dust extractor range is individually tested and certified before delivery, to ensure that every filter meets and fulfills the HEPA H13 requirement.

How to purchase your dust extractor.

Con-Treat has a full range of Dust Extractors For Sale, call 1300 044 625 today to buy a quality Dust Vacuum, it is an essential tool for any domestic or construction work site.