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Supa Sander

The Original Supa Sander™

*Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that will damage your Polivac!

The original Supa Sander™ from Con-Treat is Australian designed and made. It will cut your floor preparation time in half, while saving your back and knees. The 4 x 5″ diamond wheel plate attaches directly to the Polivac sander without the need for an modification. The 4 rotating diamond wheel heads give a smooth finish for direct sticking, removing paint, plaster & a variety of adhesives in a single pass. The diamond wheels spin independently and move freely on the bearing system. This removes any force from the actual Polivac and allows for easy sanding / grinding.

The Polivac Supa Sander™ removes the need to regularly replace sand paper. Quickly and easily replace the 4 x diamond wheels with 4 x rotating velcro backed sanding pad holders to convert the Polivac to a rotating 4 head sander. Available to suit the Polivac SV25 or Canterbury sander.

Testimonial – “I am highly impressed with Con-Treat’s Supa Sander concrete grinder. It’s very cost effective, it cleans floors in half the time and also helps in saving my time and energy.” Ariel Yarrish

7 Reasons why the Supa Sander™ will work for you.

  1. Remove paint, plaster & a variety of adhesives in a single pass, cutting prep time in half.
  2. 4 rotating diamond heads give a smooth finish for direct sticking, without scraping.
  3. Eliminates the need to constantly replace expensive sand paper. Saving you money.
  4. Attaches directly to your existing sander. ie: Polivac SV25 or Canterbury.
  5. Avoids you getting labour fatigue, so you get the job done quicker.
  6. Avoid acid etching as it creates a porous substrate for the bonding of adhesives etc.
  7. Cleaner floors than ever before, in half the time, with no aches or pains for your effort.

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