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Aqua Seal Demonstrates Superior Efficiency and Durability

Well-known local Gold Coast concreting company and long-term customer of Con-Treat since 2008, Metro Concrete, are specialists in concrete cutting, drilling, sawing and grinding and are also proud advocates of the innovative water-based sealer: Aqua Seal. Recently, in collaboration with another major concreting business, Higher Property Maintenance, together the companies approached Con-Treat for advice on a cost-effective, long-lasting solution for upcoming, large-scale, manufacturing plants.

Con-Treat technical advisor Andrew McLeay liaised with Michael Hayes, Director of Higher Property Maintenance, to better understand their requirements to ensure the best possible solution was provided. With Aqua Seal referred by Metro Concrete, Michael was hoping to approve this product as he was looking to find high quality, technically superior and affordable product, to seal and protect future developments. The chosen product had to comprise 3 main factors:

  • ease of application, for efficient installation in order to conform to strict deadlines
  • cost-efficient, due to high workload demand and a growing number of large scale projects
  • prompt return-to-service, for minimal site disruption

With one sealer, in particular, ticking all of these boxes and referred with confidence by Metro Concrete, Aqua Seal was the proposed solution. Aqua Seal is recommended for contractors who work on high traffic projects such as large commercial car parks, factories, large warehouse floors and general-purpose concrete/stone sealing. Functioning as an industrialised water-based sealer, Aqua Seal is perfect for sealing driveways, existing/exposed aggregate and can even be used on pathways surrounding a pool. Scientifically formulated to be applied to a wet surface; meaning no need to wait for your substrate to be bone dry prior to application! Aqua Seal is a professional contractor’s product of choice!

“Aqua Seal; minimal downtime with instantaneous results!”


Aqua Seal is technically superior and far more affordable compared to other water-based sealers on the market. It is a non-toxic, eco-friendly treatment that can be applied to the concrete of all ages. By integrating the latest technology in water-based sealers, you can expect the following advantages:

  • cost $1.36 per m²
  • Exceptional oil resistance
  • Reduces moss and mildew growth
  • Natural look, low sheen finish
  • DIY friendly, ease of application
  • Penetrating and breathable
  • Proudly Australian Made
  • Cure assist for new concrete

Aqua Seal is a highly concentrated formula and requires dilution with water prior to application. Diluted product should be applied at a rate of approximately 5m2 per litre, depending on surface porosity. Completely saturate the surface with clean water prior to application to ensure adequate penetration and performance; a damp surface is required, not pooled and soaking wet. Suggested dilution rates are:

  • Plain Concrete 1:4 (1 part Aqua Seal to 4 parts water)
  • New Exposed Aggregate 1:3 (1 part Aqua Seal to 3 parts water)

To further ensure ease of application, the best methods of installation includes either a pump sprayer or watering can and broom.

The feedback from Higher Property Maintenance and continued product confidence by Metro Concrete perfectly articulates the level of service and expertise and quality of products that Con-Treat are so proud of.

If you’re not using the latest technology in water-based sealers, talk to our team of experts to find a solution that’s a perfect fit for your next project. Speak to our friendly team on 1300 044 625 or you can also contact us via our website we’ll call you with a solution. For further technical information on Aqua Seal.

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