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Aqua Seal

DuraCore’s Aqua Seal offers the latest technology in Water Based Sealers and is designed for use on concrete & stone. Aqua Seal is different from any other sealer as it has been formulated to be applied to a wet surface. No more days wasted due to poor weather conditions or surfaces being too hot to spray. It is a cross linking, 100% acrylic, water based sealer that penetrates into the matrix of the concrete. Aqua Seal also maintains a thin topical seal for the ultimate in concrete staining protection.

Aqua Seal is ideally suited for large commercial car parks, factories, large warehouse floors and general purpose concrete and stone sealing. Also perfect for sealing driveways, pool surrounds, pathways and more. Designed to perform to a 25 year standard as a matrix sealer and 3-5 years as a surface protective coating. Aqua Seal has minimal affordable maintenance for the customer while being more cost effective and better performing for the contractor. It can be used on new, existing or exposed aggregate concrete and can be applied at time of concrete pour as a “same day” cure & seal.


  • Exceptional oil resistance
  • Breathable sealer
  • Extremely easy to apply
  • Applied to a wet substrate
  • Reductions of mildew and moss growth.
  • Natural look finish, very low sheen
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Australian made


  • Aids in the curing of concrete
  • Penetrating concrete & stone sealer
  • Stain-protection for your surface
  • Same day pressure clean and seal

Can line marking paint be applied over Aqua Seal?

Yes, line marking paint can be applied, however the Aqua Seal must be fully cure (7days) and the line marking paint MUST be either a solvent or water based acrylic paint.

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