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Shark 460 Concrete Grinder

The Shark 460 Concrete Grinder is a variable speed, planetary drive, concrete grinder & polisher with no belts or pulleys. It has been specifically designed for concrete polishing, however, as it has a large 3kW, 4Hp motor it also performs exceptionally well as a general purpose concrete grinder.

Running off a single phase 15 amp power point, it is ideally suited for domestic to smaller commercial projects up to 500m2 and has a grinding diameter of 460mm. It is compact and easy to store away with a convenient fold down handle.

The Shark S460 Concrete Grinder offers 3 diamond plate holders with an easy to use “Quick Change” diamond tooling system.

In order to maintain a dust free environment, the Shark™ 460 also features an enhanced dust control system which includes a Dust Shroud and a dust connector which can be used with Sharks array of Dust Extractors.

TestimonialI have been running a flooring preparation & tile removal business for the past 15 years and in that time I have bought and sold several different brands of concrete grinders. I recently purchased a Shark S460 from Con-Treat for the purpose of use in situations where we could not run a generator for three phase power. I am overwhelmed with the productivity and performance of the Shark S460 for removing tile adhesives, fillers and paint. The grinder is very functional, very easy to use and extremely quiet compared to my previous machines. I would highly recommend this grinder for domestic and small commercial projects.  – Tony Erhart Flooring, Bundaberg

TestimonialI would like to congratulate you guys on your superb selection of concrete grinder and industrial vacuums. In August 2016 we purchased both a Shark S460 floor polisher and a Shark H24 dust extractor, both these products are outstanding and to date both these machines have performed flawlessly. – Martin Wynne

What size projects is the Shark™ S460 ideally suited for?

The S460 is ideally suited for domestic to smaller commercial projects up to 500m2.

Is the Shark™ S460 suitable for polishing concrete?

Yes, the S460 has been designed specifically for all aspects of concrete grinding and polishing.

Does the Shark™ S460 run off a normal household power point?

Yes, the S460 is a single phase machine that runs off a 240volt, 10amp power circuit

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Shark S460 Package

Package Includes:
  • 1 x Shark S460 Grinder/Polisher
  • 1 X 30kg Extra Weight
  • 1 x 20mtr Heavy Duty Extension Lead
  • 9 x 30# Quick Change Diamond Segments
  • 1 x Shark H24 Dust Extractor & Accessories (H Class Certified)
  • 1 x Longo-Bag (22mtr)
  • 1 x Shark X60B Dust Separator (Bagged System) & Hose
  • 2 x Small Vacuum Bags
  • 1 x 5″ Hikoki Corner/Edge Grinder
  • 1 x Easy Off
  • 1 x Gel Knee Pads
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