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Con-Treat Partners with Major Sydney Concrete Company to Tackle Oil Contamination Issue.

Polished Concrete Australia is well known in the industry as a professional and reliable concrete flooring solutions service provider to both commercial and residential project clients.

With over 20 years of industry experience, the Polished Concrete Australia brand has become synonymous with exceptional project delivery solutions. From grand-scale jobs to small residential jobs, Polished Concrete Australia always employs the same high standard of craftsmanship. With a range of decorative concrete services such as:

  • Concrete floor polishing
  • Epoxy coating
  • Surface preparation
  • Tile/vinyl removal

A recent challenging brief provided to Polished Concrete Australia was from Tesla Automotive Australia.

Tesla’s challenge was to prepare their new factory floor in Alexandra, but prior to doing this Polished Concrete Australia had to purge the oil contamination on the warehouse factory floor caused by the previous tenant.

Managing Director, Mark Henshaw approached leading concrete technical advisors, Con-Treat for advice on strategy and product in terms of solving the challenge.

Con-Treats’ Andrew McLeay advised grinding the entire surface area and follow with the application of Densi Crete. Allow 24 hours to purge and rid contaminants and grind a final time. Conduct a site inspection and repeat the process if necessary.

Densi Crete is 100% pure Colloidal Silica designed for the protection and polishing of concrete. It is used in both the domestic and commercial building sectors to cure, waterproof, harden and purge oil, etc from new or existing concrete while being environmentally friendly with zero VOC.

The results speak for themselves; Densi Crete aided in the purging of the contaminated factory floor oil, enabling a clean surface to be addressed and prepared to showroom quality standard.

“The Surface was free of oil leeching from within the concrete, we were very happy to speak to the experts, Con-Treat for the technical advice we needed, we encourage the others to do the same.” – Mark Henshaw, Managing Director

Polished Concrete Australia provided Tesla with a 5-year working warranty.

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