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What are the things to consider when selecting dust extraction & prevention equipment

Dust Extraction and prevention are vital when you’re grinding concrete. Without the right equipment your …

  • Putting yourself and others at a serious health risk from lung diseases like Silicosis …
  • Costing money and time to manually cleaning up the dust after you’ve finished grinding …

It’s really important that you have the right industrial Dust Extractor and prevention equipment.

Here are the top 3 things you need to consider when selecting dust extraction and prevention equipment …

  1. What size grinder are you using?

    The first thing to consider is the size of the Concrete Grinder you are using. This has a direct impact on the amount of dust that’s generated and the size of the particles.

    The rule of thumb here is the bigger your grinder the more powerful the dust extractor needs to be. One of the most common mistakes people make with dust extraction is they use an inadequately sized extraction unit.

    This puts everyone’s health at risk and causes more of a mess to clean up. Don’t cut corners here. It’s better to have one that has too much power than too little.

  2. What is your budget?

    Don’t go for the cheaper option to save money, if you don’t use the correct size extractor you will be compromising your own health and be putting others at risk. The money you save on the initial purchase will be spent on wasted hours manually cleaning up the excess dust that the machine couldn’t handle.

    Concrete dust is very fine and extremely abrasive, only industrial machines will cope so don’t use anything else. The filtration systems will not handle it.

    It’s worth investing in a quality machine ideally with a bag system so that you don’t make contact with the dust.

    If the budget allows it’s worth investing in machines that have a self-cleaning function so you can avoid shaking the filters in the open air.

    Make sure you take all of the above into consideration in identifying which machine is going to suit you best.

  3. Make sure your equipment is effective?

    As well as avoiding health complications is also important that the equipment you choose helps reduce the clean-up time while minimising contact with the dust.

    You should always use a Hepa certified dust extraction machine. Make sure you have the right size extraction unit to cope with the amount of dust generated by the grinder and that there’s adequate airflow with clean filters.

    It’s also important to have a well-designed Dust Shroud and adjusted seals to avoid the dust escaping. This all helps to avoid the dust escaping protecting your health and saving time on the clean-up. Clean filters are extremely important.

* The above information is to be used as a guide only and Con-Treat accepts no responsibility for any consequence resulting from the advice contained herein or verbally.

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