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What are the things to consider when selecting a floor sander or burnisher

Many retail, warehouse and office facilities are opting for exposed concrete floors; even homeowners are catching on to the appeal. They are attractive and are easy to keep clean.

Before you can apply a coating of epoxy, urethane or any coating or sealer you must prepare the floor’s surface.

To do this it’s important that you purchase the right equipment to suit your needs. Get it wrong and you could end up with …

  • A machine that’s not up to the job, causing you to have to spend more time and more money completing your project.
  • Or you could end up paying too much for a machine that’s overkill for what you need, wasting your hard-earned cash.

So, to help you make the right decision, we’ve used our experience to develop this useful blog.

  1. Are you wanting to sand concrete or timber or are you looking to polish?

    The first thing to consider is, what will you require from the machine? Are you going to be sanding concrete or timber, or are you looking to polish?

    This obviously makes a big difference to the machine you purchase and how much you need to invest. Unlike grinding machines, you can’t purchase one machine that will be able to complete all these different jobs. You’ll need to invest in a machine for each function.

    We have chosen the leading brand of sanders and polishers, Polivac, to supply to our customers. With an international reputation, Polivac Floor Sanders is the most efficient and reliable floor sanders in its price range.

    If you need a machine to sand timber then use the Polivac Rotary Suction Hi-Speed Floor Sander (SV30). A dedicated sanding machine, the SV30 is considered pretty much bulletproof. There are no belts that can break; the unique sealed by-pass vacuum design ensures dust won’t be sucked into the motor.

    If you need a machine for concrete sanding then use the Polivac Rotary Suction Low- Speed Floor Sander (SV25). The Polivac Rotary Suction Sander is second to none.

    The off-set motor position ensures that starting torque is counterbalanced and therefore provides the operator with an easy-to-use, well-balanced machine that can be used for prolonged periods without operator fatigue.

    And if you’re looking for a machine to polish concrete then use either the Polivac “Dominator” or “Stingray” High-Speed Electric Burnisher.

  2. Are you using these domestically or commercially?

    It’s important that you select a machine to suit the type of work you’re doing and consider how often you’re using the machine.

    If you’re doing a few domestic jobs, you could get away with purchasing a cheaper machine or even hiring one when you need it.

    But if you are using it on larger projects or commercial jobs then it’s important to invest in a good machine that’s up to the job.

    Consider this as an investment, a good machine will enable you to complete the job quicker and to a higher standard.

    You want to make sure the machine is set up so that it’s easy to use. It needs to be well balanced, reliable and able to stand up to the rigorous demands of the job. It needs to be a machine that is designed for prolonged use and is built to last.

  3. What is your budget?

    Be very careful here!!! Don’t go for the cheaper option to save money now only to lose it on each job by not having the best equipment to get the job done quickly.

    You need to look at your purchase as an investment and identify what machine will give you the best return long-term.

    If you don’t have the cash to buy the machine that’s going to give you the best return in the long-term then seriously consider financing the equipment. If it’s going to make you more money or save you time in the long run, it’s worth it.

    Making the right choice is about taking all of the above into consideration and identifying which machine is going to give you the best return and then working out how you’re going to afford it.

    Following these steps will help you to choose the machine that will give you a return on your investment by saving you time, money and labour fatigue.

Thank you …

I hope you found this useful in helping you find the right floor sander or burnisher.

* The above information is to be used as a guide only and Con-Treat accepts no responsibility for any consequence resulting from the advice contained herein or verbally.

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