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High-end finish achieved with Con-Treat’s expert technical advice

Surface Archetypes, a customer-centric, international award-winning floor and wall system contractor was given the challenge to transform a residential property.

Initially, the owners requested a basic concrete grind and seal for all interior floors, but upon further discussion, it became apparent to Surface Archetypes the clients wanted to achieve a high-end finish of a fully exposed, polished concrete floor.

Upon receiving this challenge, Surface Archetypes reached out to Australia’s leading concrete coatings and sealers technical expert, Andrew McLeay from Con-Treat.

Surface Archetypes is an international award-winning business. Most recently, the Decorative Concrete Council in the U.S.A. awarded 1st place for the panDOMO project at 480 Queen St Brisbane Australia.

Surface Archetypes offers a range of different floor and wall surface finishes in;

  • Decorative cement/epoxy overlays;
  • Polished Concrete;
  • Protective and Decorative coatings;
  • Vinyl systems;
  • Concrete surface preparation and Concrete treatments.

Andrew Dore – Project Manager at Surface Archetypes in consultation with Andrew McLeay from Con-Treat, proposed the challenge solution to be a mechanically polished floor, using Con-Treat’s Polished Concrete System.

In the initial grinding process, DuraCore’s Densi Crete product was applied to aid in hardening the concrete’s surface and its structural integrity.

Densi Crete is user-friendly, colloidal silica that is designed to penetrate the concrete and significantly densify the surface.

After densifying, the concrete was then grouted with Fortis Concrete Shield Grout to remove any pinholes and imperfections. From there, resin polishing puks were used to mechanically polish the concrete to a 400 grit medium gloss finish.

The final step of the process was to seal the floor with Fortis Wet Look Concrete Shield Enhancer.

The Wet Look enhancer not only gave the newly polished concrete the ultimate in stain protection, but it also darkened the floor and enhanced the stone to give the client the high-end finish that they described in their initial consultation with Surface Archetypes.

From a basic brief to a technical challenge, achieved with the right products and right advice from Con-Treat; Surface Archetypes received very positive feedback and commendations from their client.

The decision to engage with Con-Treat has seen Surface Archetypes continue to build its brand reputation as a leading provider of wall and floor systems across Australia.

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