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Stone Seal

Stone Seal is an impregnating stone & concrete sealer that also leaves a thin film on the surface. It is a high grade, tough and durable semi penetrating sealer that has been formulated to give protection against sunlight, traffic, oil and dirt. It provides excellent gloss retention; superb wear resistance and excellent anti slip resistance. It will also darken and enhance the colour of the substrate that it is applied to.

Typical Uses:

Stone Seal is designed for the protection and enhancement of concrete, stone, terrazzo, marble, ceramic tiles (not glazed), terracotta, concrete bricks and other absorbent surfaces. It is ideal for use on outdoor polished concrete, pool surrounds, patios, exposed aggregate, driveways and general purpose concrete and stone sealing.

Advantages:Australian Made

  • UV resistant
  • Easy to apply
  • Hard durable coating
  • Non yellowing
  • Anti-Slip properties
  • Reduction of frost damage.
  • Excellent scuff resistance


  • A P4 Slip Rating can be achieved by using Con-Treat’s slip reducing additive at the rate of 250gr per 20ltr and applied in both coats. Stone Seal should be independently tested after application to determine the exact slip rating outcome and periodically checked thereafter as the slip reducing properties will dissipate over time.
  • Due to porous concrete and the penetrating abilities of Stone Seal, micro bubbling can occur. To rectify this, walk back over the product approx 5mins after applying in (spike shoes) and roll again with a dry roller to remove the bubbles.

Why are black tyre marks appearing on my freshly sealed driveway.

Tyre marks can be caused by various reasons, grime from the road, dirty tyres, driven on too soon etc. Sometimes a sealer, for whatever reason (ie; environmental, contamination) may not have cured as quickly as normal. When this happens, it leaves the sealer prone to black tyre marks. 9 out of 10 times, once the sealer has fully cured, the tyre marking will cease to continue. Allow a few weeks after the sealer has been applied to allow it to settle and fully cure. The tyre marks should wash off quite easily and not return.

Why does the sealer look patchy when wet.

A lot of the time if concrete has been diamond ground, a small amount of voids are left in this process (this can be avoided by grouting prior to sealing). When a sealer is applied, it will not fill these small voids, so when it rains, the rain actually soaks into these small cavities and darkens them like it would if unsealed. This can give a blotchy appearance, however will completely disappear once the concrete dries out.

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