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Repeller is an invisible, breathable, extremely tough penetrating sealer. It can be used to impart water & oil resistance to highly porous materials. It assists in maintaining aesthetically pleasing surfaces by preventing liquid or contaminate ingress, enhancing & preserving the treated materials original appearance and integrity. It improves the surface slip rating and eliminates or greatly retards efflorescence leaching, while providing increased abrasion, cracking and spalling resistance. It is UV resistant, non flammable and environmentally friendly.

Repeller is a breathable, penetrating sealer that provides water repellence and oil resistance to a variety of surfaces such as:

Concrete | Stucco | Clay | Limestone | Plaster | Slate | Tile | Brick | Pavers | Grout | Man Made Stone


Australian Made
  • Invisible “Natural Look”
  • Reduction of water adsorption.
  • Reduction of efflorescence.
  • Reduction of water borne dirt pick-up.
  • Reduction of chemical vapour corrosion.
  • Reductions of mildew, moss, and lichen growth.
  • Stable in high alkalinity substrates (block, calcium silicate bricks & sandstone)

Can any other coating be applied over the top of Repeller?

Yes, however it will depend on the amount of Repeller used. The sealer must contain either of the following base solvents; Xylene, Toluene or Acetone to enable penetration. Water or alcohol based sealers etc will not adhere.

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