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Fast setting, decorative flooring overlay for any project large or small!

Featureflor is a cement-based, white resin modified, fast setting compound, that can be used as a decorative flooring overlay.

FeatureFlor, as its name implies, is designed to create an attractive feature floor surface that is wear and impact resistant. It is best suited to use in residential projects, retail, stores, cafés and hotels.

The product is naturally white in colour, is composed of Portland cement, calcium aluminate cement, and calcium sulphate with less than 1% quartz.

You can customise the colour using water-based pigments or oxide to tint the product before applying to a properly prepared terrazzo, ceramic tile or concrete substrate.

FeatureFlor alone provides a decorative finish, but a marble aggregate can also be mixed in and once set it can be ground and polished to give a terrazzo like look.

Preparation is simple. Add a 20kg bag of FeatureFlor to exactly 4 litres of water using a Hippo or similar mixer; once mixed for 2 minutes it is ready for application.

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FeatureFlor has the following features and benefits:

  • Durable and crack resistant (exceeds 40MPa)
  • Self-levelling
  • Rapid setting in 2 to 4 hours so contractors can walk on it within 2-4 hours and it can be put into use the day after application.
  • Wear and impact resistant – ideal for foot traffic
  • Can be coloured or modified with marble aggregate
  • Provides a smooth decorative finish

Click here for the full technical data before using FeatureFlor on your next project.

If you’re looking for a hard-wearing impervious floor levelling compound with a clean modern finish, then FeatureFlor from Con-Treat is the perfect solution!

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Featureflor Leveling Compound

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