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SureFloor UVS – A High Gloss, Hard-Wearing Epoxy Coating for All High Traffic Areas.

For contractors who work on high traffic projects such as retail stores, office spaces, lobby areas, tattoo parlours, barbershops, hair salons, restaurants, clothing stores, casinos and showroom floors. SureFloor UVS is the professional contractor’s product of choice.

By integrating the latest technology, SureFloor UVS is a high gloss, 100% solids, low viscosity, solvent free polymer system that combines the ease of application of epoxies with the toughness and wear resistance of acrylics. Additionally, SureFloor UVS can be colour tinted to match the environment it’s being used in, perfect for customers who want to enhance their retail branding colours.

Due to its hardwearing nature, SureFloor UVS is the right coating solution for the protection and enhancement of ground concrete and as a clear sealer over vinyl flake flooring to extend the lifespan.

Being self-levelling, SureFloor UVS is a coating that is easy to roll and cures at low temperatures. Its high gloss finish offers excellent abrasion and scratch-free resistance solutions and is resistant to ultraviolet degradation for internal, behind window applications.

Application instructions:

SureFloor UVS should not be specified for external or in direct (not screened by the glass) sunlight application. Concrete surfaces should be clean and free of additives, curing agents and contaminates. Prepare by diamond grinding, sanding or a light shot blast to provide a suitable surface profile.

Cement-based substrates should be at least 21 days old before coating. Test for rising damp or backwater pressure before application as adhesion failure is likely to occur. Old concrete floors previously contaminated with fats and oils should be tested for adhesion before application of epoxy compounds. SureFloor UVS is not chemically resistant to food acids or hot chicken fat in processing areas. High humidity or drops in temperature in 4°c around the dew point may cause whitening of the surface.

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