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Currumbin Valley Brewery delighted with SureFloor Epoxy Flooring Solution

Currumbin Valley Brewing needed a hard-wearing, affordable, non-slip coating for their brewing facility that they could apply themselves and that complied with health regulations.

The Currumbin Valley Brewing team reached out to Con-Treat for an epoxy coating that would provide a seamless finish and highly resistant to wear and tear. It must also be clean/hygienic, UV stable, plus chemical and water-resistant.

Con-Treat technical advisor Andrew McLeay connected with Pete Wheldon of Currumbin Valley Brewing to better understand his needs to ensure the best possible solution was provided.

Currumbin Valley Brewing took Andrew’s advice and chose the SureFloor HS (N35 Light Grey) Epoxy with a 20-grit slip-reducing additive to be mixed into the final coat, as in a brewing facility they needed to ensure a non-slip surface in case of spills.

Pete Wheldon was delighted with the outcome saying;

“It is exactly what we were after. Easy to clean, durable and looks great. We passed the GCCC Food Inspection with flying colours. I was really impressed by the support I got from Andrew and Teigan all the way through the process. The team clearly know their products and provide exemplary service and advice.”

Andrew also gave advice on all the accessories needed to complete the project from roller sleeves to mixing buckets, cleaning solvents, brushes, and sanding discs. This eliminated various trips to buy supplies, as everything needed was available, so the job could be completed efficiently and quickly.

The feedback from Currumbin Valley Brewing perfectly articulates the level of service and expertise that Con-Treat are so proud of;

“Andrew was very helpful all the way through and made himself available to me, even after hours, for any questions I had. The whole process was carefully explained, and I adhered to it meticulously to achieve a great result. I had to hire a floor sander but was told exactly what to get – down to the model number of the sanding machine required.”

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