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Concrete Scarifier – Shark CS 200-P

The Shark Concrete Scarifier CS 200-P is equipped with a host of uses that the professional contractor needs in their arsenal of tools from repair to preparation and even creating non-slip surfaces!

The Shark Scarifier CS 200-P can be used across a number of applications including;

  • Level surfaces (such as sidewalk repair);
  • Remove surface markings (of coatings and traffic lines);
  • Create non-slip surfaces;
  • Prepare for quality finishes and sealing.

Our machine boasts a robust 7Hp Honda engine and weighs in at 110kg – a good weight for tackling jobs that need some powerful “oomph”. The generous 185mm working width means the job gets done faster, whilst operator comfort is at a premium as the Shark CS 200-P was innovatively designed to place the power source directly over the drum to eliminate the vibration that can take its toll on the operator.

Every job gets done right the first time and at a great pace too, as the Shark Concrete Scarifier is able to get up to 3mm working depth per pass and is designed for maximum surface contact – not too shabby when you need to get cracking on a job; After all, time spent on prepping a job costs money, so the sooner you can get to the finishes the better (and the happier your client will be).

Highlights of the Shark Scarifier CS 200-P

  • Compact design
  • 7HP Honda engine
  • Includes tungsten cutters
  • 20-40 m2/hr at 2mm depth
  • 50mm dust port

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When a client wants the job done fast then a scarifier, also known as a surface planer or milling machine, is more robust and aggressive in removing concrete than the normal grinder.

The Shark Scarifier uses the pummelling action of multi-tipped tungsten cutting wheels, rotating at high speed to smooth out the concrete surface. With the move in interior design toward more ‘honest’ surfaces like concrete replacing plastic floor coverings and carpeting, this is a tool that every contractor must-have.

Interesting point: To further assist contractors in prepping their next job, Con-Treat has developed a Coatings Solution Finder that can be used to determine the best coating and sealant for a particular job by answering a few quick questions online.

If you want a hard-working scarifier then you can’t go past The Shark CS 200-P.

Contact one of our experts to answer your questions and get you started on using a machine that is easy to care for, compact, robust, and most importantly gets the job completed in time.

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