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Lustre Crete

Lustre Crete provides the protection of a tough coating over concrete for a satin to gloss finish, giving the ultimate in stain resistance & UV protection.

It is a high quality, water repellent, penetrating membrane, that when applied and fully dried/cured, develops into a strong, durable, flexible and breathable film coating which adheres tenaciously to clean bare concrete surfaces, render and masonry. It is a non-flammable, odourless, penetrating coating that will dry to a clear attractive satin finish.

Lustre Crete was developed to protect today’s decorative concrete surfaces and to provide the same protection to plain, grey concrete. It provides a tough breathable membrane coating, making surfaces more stain resistant.

Lustre Crete helps to maintain cleaner surfaces and preserve the original appearance of the treated surface for a much longer period of time. It prevents the penetration of water, liquids and other contaminants into the treated surface and is an excellent water proofer that will improve fungus and mildew resistance. Lustre Crete also significantly retards efflorescence while imparting significant additional resistance against freeze-thaw damage, such as cracking & spalling.

Features:Australian Made

  • Water based, environmentally friendly
  • Prevents the penetration of water, liquids etc
  • Maintain cleaner surfaces
  • Improves fungus and mildew resistance.
  • Significantly retards efflorescence
  • Tough breathable membrane coating
  • Easy to apply

How many coats are required?

You can apply in a single application, however 2 thin coats achieves better results than 1 heavier coat.

How long do you leave between coats?

Ideally 12 hours

Is Lustre Crete resistant to acid?

Yes, it is resistant to light acids such as hydrochloric or ethanol, but will not handle caustic or the like.

How old should the concrete be before applying Lustre Crete?

Ideally the concrete should be 28 days old.

Why does the Lustre Crete appear to have a blue tinge?

It has been applied to thick, it will be clear when applied correctly.

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