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Fortis 526 Gloss & Satin

Fortis 526 Polyurethane is a water based, two pack, aliphatic polyurethane. It is non toxic, contains no harmful solvents and has no noxious odours. Fortis 526 Polyurethane is highly suitable when a heavy duty, long wearing gloss or satin finish coating is required for Concrete, Timber or Cork flooring. Highly scratch and chemical resistant with a medium solids content. Fortis 526 will not darken the substrate and will enhance exposed stone in honed concrete. It is easy to apply, washes up in water and is environmentally friendly. Fortis 526 will achieve a P3 Dry Slip Test rating when applied @ 2 coats on honed concrete, however individual slip testing needs to be carried out on each project to comply to Australian Standards.

*It is always advisable to use Fortis 520 Eco Primer as the 1st coat before applying the 526.

Available in: 5ltr Gloss or Satin


  • Easy application
  • Available in Gloss or Satin Finish
  • Indoor / Outdoor Undercover
  • No bleaching of timber
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Durable & scratch resistant
  • A finish very similar to solvent based polyurethane
  • Non yellowing, UV stable
  • No solvents, No odour
  • Excellent adhesion to Concrete & Timber
  • Higher coat build than any other water based finish

What does the minimum age of the concrete need to be before applying Fortis 526?

The concrete should be a minimum age of 28 days prior to applying Fortis 520 or Fortis 526.

What is the minimum re-coat time for Fortis 526?

In general, as soon as it is walkable, however in colder weather conditions allow up to 12 hours between coats.

After mixing, Fortis 526 it has turned a little bit like jelly?

Part A must be mixed 1st, then slowly pour part B into a vortex while still mixing part A.

Can Fortis 526 be used over self leveling compounds?

Yes, however the leveling compound must contain at least 15% silica and the 1st coat must be Fortis 520.

What is the mixing rate by weight

Approx 4.5:1 (Gloss) or 3.3:1 (Satin)

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