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Soroto Mixer

The Soroto Mixer has been designed to handle anything from cementitious coatings, self levelling compounds and epoxies…

The Soroto is the best choice both if you are involved in building new houses or in large repair jobs. The Soroto Mixer easily rolls through doors, where traditional paddle mixers can only reach the doorway. You can take the flexible Soroto Mixer with you anywhere you like. There’s no need to do it the hard way and carry mixing materials to remote corners. The Soroto range of mixers with its specialised paddles can mix a variety of building materials from sand and cement to self-levelling epoxies. Air entrapment is kept to a minimum, allowing cement and polymer based materials to achieve a perfect homogeneous mix. The Soroto Mixer is easy to transport and to handle.

Available in 80ltr, 100ltr & 120ltr.


  • Paddles are easily removed for cleaning without having to use tools.
  • The Soroto Mixer can easily loaded onto a ute by tipping and use of the wheels.
  • The telescopic legs are easliy adjusted for discharge into a wheelbarrow or bucket.
  • The motor has a protective start/stop switch and an easily released emergency stop.
  • Bags are poured through the charging hopper which is also fitted with a bag splitter.
  • Mixing for 3-5 mins produces a perfect brew, dispensed through a chute at the bottom.
  • The hinge mounted hopper has an automatic mechanical switch to meet safety regulations.
  • A rubber strap secures the hopper during transport.
  • In case of wear you only need to change one paddle if the others are all ok.

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