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Hippo Porta Mix

Hippo Porta Mix 80ltr (Indoor)

  • Mix, transport and pour directly onto floor.
  • Mix 5-6 bags at one time, quickly.
  • Mixes levelling compounds, grout, mortar and more
  • 2300W, 2-speed motor (140 rpm and 470 rpm)
  • Balanced, easy-tilt cradle for accurate placement of material
  • Easy operation by one person
  • Increases production by 40%
  • Slashes 33% off labour costs
  • Wheel kit options:
    –  F Series Interior
    –  X Series Exterior
  • PM705 Rimless Liner sold separately

Save time and extend bucket life with a removable liner!

Hippo Porta-Mix – Outdoor

  • With Rimless Bucket and Removable Liner
  • 2 Tyres for Rough Terrain use
  • Multiple Batch Mixing with
  • Removable Liner

Mixing multiple batches is easier and faster with the new, removable liner and rimless bucket system.

  • Mix consecutive batches without downtime
  • Resilient, pliable liner is easily cleaned
  • Alternating liners prevents cross contamination
  • Extends life of bucket

After mixing the first batch, the liner can be removed and cleaned. To speed up production, a second liner can be used while the first liner is being cleaned. The use of a liner also helps to prevent cross contamination and minimizes wear too!




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