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Makinex Generator (16kVA)

Advanced Generator Technology…

Makinex manufacture a range of petrol and diesel powered generators that are a robust and reliable solution for supplying energy to a variety of tools, grinding equipment, lighting, home appliances, air conditioning units, welders and brick saws. They’re appropriate to be used in rental yards, construction sites, medical facilities as well as on farms where energy is restricted. A Makinex Generator has been designed to withstand harsh Australian climate conditions while supplying a secure and safe supply of energy. Top quality components like a petrol or diesel engine, alternator and energy shops from the machines, which are fixed inside a durable gal steel frame. They’re built to consider to 240V of energy and meet industry safety standards.


RFL alternators mix permanent magnets having a easy and efficient design to beat the restrictions of other magnet synchronous alternator designs. Unbalanced 3 phase loads provides 3 x single phase circuits with different loads, in addition to a 1 x 3 phase load simultaneously. Tri-Gen paralleling machines allow a broader from phase position that they lock together, without high surge power and shaft shock. Several of these machines together may be used to supply bigger loads without any special switching equipment.

Available in the following sizes; 10kVA, 16kVA, 23kVA & 32kVA Petrol


  • Latest in alternator technology
  • Much more compact than other models
  • Greater robustness having a gal frame
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • Simpler to move, store and transport

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