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Koine 4 Hi Flow Pump

The Koine 4 Hi Flow Pump is a three phase mortar pump and sprayer with a mixer & screw pump all contained in one unit. The Koine 4’s design allows you to pump and or spray pre-blended mortars without the need to mix the products first. The on-board water plant ensures the correct consistency is achieved for continuous pumping. Imer Koine 4 can be easily transported by breaking down the machine into four manageable components reducing the overall weight.

The Koine 4 has a high flow output and is designed for fast mixing and pumping of materials such as Acrylic Render, Construction Grouts, Floor Levelling Compounds and Fireproofing products.

Standard Equipment

  • Electric diaphragm compressor
  • Self-priming water pump
  • Electric supply and control panel
  • Stator and Screw D6-3
  • 40 m electric cable
  • 40 m water hose
  • 15 m hose for material Ø 25 with cam couplings
  • 16 m air hose Ø 13 with Geka couplings
  • Accessory box with gun and connectors
  • Cleaning accessories (scraper and sponge)
  • Preset for self-levelling screed kit

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