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12 Top Grinding Tips...

Problem Remedy
1. Unknown floor conditions
  • Start with a medium or soft diamond bond.
2. Soft, open and porous floors
  • Start with a hard bond or medium hard diamond bond.
3. Very hard and trowelled floors
  • Start with a medium soft, soft or very soft diamond bond .
4. Diamond glazing
  • Choose a softer diamond bond.
  • Increase grinding pressure.
  • Change tool speed.
5. Quick diamond consumption
  • Choose a harder diamond bond
  • Reduce grinding pressure
  • Mount 6 diamonds per carrier instead of 3
6. Machine moves hard or switches off
  • Reduce grinding pressure, remove saddle weight.
  • Reduce tool speed
  • Choose a different tool
  • Mount a full diamond set.
7. Coating removal
  • Work with 50% overlap to get a better result
8. Scarifying & shot blasting
  • Floor grinding achieves a more uniform surface compared to shotblasting and scarifying.
9. Hard Floors: Grinding becomes slow
  • Use a soft bond diamond
  • Use a higher grit diamond
  • Vary the tool speed
  • Vary the weight
  • Use sand or concrete dust
  • Use wet grinding
10. Soft Floors: Diamonds wearing fast
  • Use a hard bond diamond
  • Reduce the weight
  • Increase the tool speed
  • Increase the forward movement
  • Use a full set of diamonds
11. Bolts and metal object in the floor
  • Any objects in the floor must be cut or removed to prevent damage on machine and tools.
12. Cracks in the floors
  • Use cement based filler, for holes and close joints